wats was created because our business office and auditors wanted to know where the stuff we were buying was going. Many of the other inventory systems we could find were geared towards an IT department knowing what's on the network for security and device management purposes, but we need to know who has our devices are and how much they cost us.

Since wats is as much for our business office as it is for us, it's much more concerened with who has a device now, and who had it before them than with technical details such as MAC address, detailed specifications, etc.


We need your help. While wats is working quite well for our needs, your needs are probably somewhat different. Anything you can give us in the way of feature requests, patches, documentation, even bug reports would be incredibly usefull. Please email rillman at evergreenschool dot org or post in one of the forums on our sourceforge project if you'd like to help.